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Heidelberg - Printmaster PM 74

Heidelberg - Printmaster PM 74

Printmaster PM 74 - Made for Success

The Printmaster PM 74 is the ideal press for print shops looking to move into 50 x 70 (28-inch) format printing or wanting to add a compact machine in this format to their current range of machines in the future. Its versatility makes it the perfect response to today's market. No matter whether you are looking to increase the productivity of your print shop, expand your range of services or react more flexibly to customer needs, the Printmaster PM 74 is the right choice every time. It is an ideal combination of reliable Heidelberg quality with easy operation and automation to suit your very specific needs. With optional equipment, such as a perfecting device or the basic equipment for numbering and perforating, it opens up additional business opportunities for you.


Simple direct operating concept (one button = one function)
Simple, ergonomic handling
Most compact Heidelberg press in 50 x 70 (28-inch) format range
Large variety of materials - from lightweight paper to 0.6 millimeter (0.02 inch) thick cardboard
Special equipment enhances the range of uses (numbering, perforating…)
Cost-effective for entry-level users and companies looking to upgrade
Increased productivity through higher levels of automation


  • Baum 3-head Paper Drill

    The Baum three-hole drill makes it easy to prepare presentations, manuals or reports for use in three-ring binders. This machine makes it possible to drill clean, consistent holes varying from 1/8" to over 1/2" in diameter in virtually any position on a page. The Baum drill can also handle a variety of stock sizes and thicknesses, including as many as 250 sheets at a time.

  • Heidelberg Windmill

    This versatile piece of equipment does numbering, perforating, scoring and die cutting. Carbonless sets can be crash numbered. Sheet sizes up to 10 x 15 can be accomodated.

  • Polar 66

    The imagination is not limited to standard sizes and shapes. For that reason, the Polar 66 power-operated cutter is an invaluable tool. With infinite possible adjustments, sturdy guides and a guide light that allows for pinpoint alignment, the Polar 66 can accurately cut business cards, binder spines and covers, bleed trimming and anything demanded of it.

  • Polar 72em Cutter

    The imagination is not limited to standard sizes and shapes. For that reason, the Polar 72, 30" power-operated cutter is an invaluable tool. With infinite possible adjustments, the Polar can accurately handle business cards, binder spines and covers, bleed trimming. The 30" ensures that it has the clearance to handle anything demanded of it.

  • Shrink Wrapping System

    We have shrink wrapping equipment to wrap & protect your printing & copying projects.

  • Stahl B26 Folder

    The Stahl B26 folder is a unique and versatile folding machine, capable of folding paper measuring from 5.5" x 8.5" to 20" x 28". This machine boasts hundreds of configurations, parallel or right angle folds. There is little the Stahl cannot handle.

  • GBC Magnapunch 2.0

    With a variety of interchangeable die sets available, you can change punch patterns without changing machines!

  • GBC Modular Series CC270

    Specifically used for Coil Binding, the CC270 Series produces rapid high quality binding with efficiency!

  • Sulby Auto-Minabinda MK II

    The Sulby Auto-Minabinda MK II is for making perfect bound books such as novels, text books, magazines, manuals, reports and any other form of paperback cover books, periodicals or booklets, and much more!

  • Morgana Creaser: DigiFold Pro

    The DigiFold Pro has the capability to fold 6000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy needed to create a high quality product.

  • Graphic Wizard Perforator

    Used for perforating, count on the Graphic Wizard for pure accuracy!