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Printing Dos & Donts | Printers Greenville, NC

There is more to producing high quality prints than you might have guessed. Once a print is designed onscreen how do you ensure that it will come out right on paper? Thankfully our printers Greenville, NC team has gathered a general list of dos and don’ts so that when you choose Morgan Printers for your printing adventures, they come out exactly as you would expect. Using our superior technology, we offer you a wide range of printing services and signs services in both Greenville, NC and New Bern, NC. These services include: our press, printing books, handouts, invitations, cards, signs, posters, and more.

Our quality printing relies on our experience and process to be most effective.

Check out these printers Greenville, NC Tips.

Do Your Research. Let us say you make a movie poster in Photoshop. If you want to print on movie size poster paper, make sure you research the best resolution for printing that size.

Don’t Use Screenshots. Unfortunately, computer screens do not always translate colors and graphics to print very well. Rather than use a whole screenshot of your work, see if you can crop the image or send it to our printers Greenville, NC shop so that we can help.

Do Improve Quality. Who would not want high quality printing? After all, we can spend up to 12 hours on the screen design alone! That hard work has to come out somewhere. With Morgan Printers for your printing and signs in Greenville, NC or New Bern,we always make and print quality.

Don’t Settle for 72 PPI. When you transfer a graphic from screen to print, you go from pixels per inch (PPI) to dots per inch (DPI). Most computers use 72PPI, which is fine for when you are designing. However, 72 DPI does not always go well for printing. Make sure it does with printers Greenville, NC professionals like us!

Do Convert to DPI. Not sure if your PPI will transfer well to print? Look up your options. Generally, for say magazines, you will want to print at 200-330 DPI at least. See how Morgan Printers can help!

Don’t Give Up. Like we said earlier, high quality printing depends on experience and process. We will go ahead and add patience, too! It requires a lot of work, to say the least. With Morgan Printers, you can be sure your hard work pays off by letting us produce your prints or signs.