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Why Print Isn’t Dead | Signs Greenville, NC

With presidential campaigns brewing all around the nation as businesses and families continue to live their everyday lives, our signs Greenville, NC (also serving New Bern, NC) shop wants to remind you that the printing industry is not dead. That is to say, printing is still a rather important part of voicing what you have to say whether it is personal, political, romantic, and so on. Thankfully, Morgan Printers Inc. is your ultimate one stop destination for expressing your right to the freedom of speech. We specialize in signs and prints for parties and birthdays, and other celebrations. We specialize in the creation of campaign signs for all candidates. Then, we specialize in wedding invitations and postcards for the romantics in the Greenville, NC and New Bern, NC area. Are you a business? No worries there either. Morgan Printers Inc. makes business cards, envelopes, brochures, logos, t-shirts, and corporate branding for Greenville and New Bern North Carolina’s growing businesses.

Despite the Digital Age Take-over, Our Signs Greenville, NC Shop Keeps Printing Alive by remembering that:

At least 20% of the nation does not use the internet. Therefore, your best friend in middle school that you thought you reconnected with on Facebook is not going to get the wedding invitation you sent them, because they only check their FAcebook account once a year. You might want to send a print invitation (just in case).
Another percentage of young people can’t remember what they read online. That is to say, our youth still needs print media to remember any bit of information we want to give them. Whether it is the name of a party, a time, a date, or a memory - it helps when it is printed for youth to remember it.
There’s Value in Visuals. At the end of the day, we still want to see banners and campaign signs in front yards. We still want to see the memories of Spring Break and our wedding on paper. Something about paper makes our memories last just a bit longer, males our experiences more real.

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