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Your Spring Prints Guide | Signs Greenville, NC

As we have previously stated, appearances are very important. If you want your business to best represent you, make sure you represent it well with signs Greenville, NC and New Bern, NC services and products from Morgan Printers. How do you make sure your business is doing everything it can to grow? Well, look at your graphics, your images, your business cards, your event invitations, and all those other elements that go into making your business attractive. Your Spring prints guide for 2016 focuses on colors.

Our Signs Greenville, NC Wheel of Colors

● Red raises the level of excitement, nervousness, and appetite of your customers. Ever wonder why McDonald’s or Burger King chose red for part of their symbol? We love to make you smile? Have it your way? We are sure your excitement and hunger had something to do with these colors and messages. If you want your customers to be excited or hungry, splash the color red throughout your business cards or other services and products from Morgan Printers.
● Blue is a popular color for males. It is the color we paint their rooms when they are babies and the colors we dress them in most days. If your business is about keeping people calm and peaceful such as a yoga venue or a massage therapy company, go with blue for your signs Greenville, NC products. Too much blue could, however, make them feel blue.
● Green is a color for businesses that want to attract the adventurer. Businesses like Starbucks or Habitat for Humanity might use green to encourage people to venture out and try new things they never thought they would. A birthday cake pop? A vanilla spice latte? Build a house? Donate to our charity? Green evokes the environment and money, as well. Use it on your business materials and supplies to make customers feel relaxed and moved to do something.

Sure you might have colors in your logo, or a general theme that you prefer, but do you know what that color represents? If not, know that you can use your colors to your advantage.

Get Your Spring Prints and Signs Going with Morgan Printers Inc.