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What Color Should You Brand With?| Signs Greenville NC

When you pick out signs for your Greenville, NC business, you need it to pop. You need people to not walk by your sign and stop. More than the writing, more than the design—the reason they will stop is color. Have you thought about what color choices you’re making with your branding? If you haven’t, here’s a handy guide to help you find what color best fits your business.

1. Green
When you choose green as a font color or logo, it evokes freshness or balance. This also alludes the the earth, for eco-friendly brands. We are programmed to think that seeing green equals “Go!”. Because of that, this is a color that oozes positivity. Other buzzwords it lends itself to are fresh, organic, and calming.

2. Blue
This often projects responsibility, loyalty and a sense of calm. This is great for financial institutions, health beauty products, corporations and social networks. Other words it evokes are tranquil, peace, trust, harmonious and reliable.

3. Yellow
Yellow is bright and energetic. Every hear of a ‘sunny disposition’? That’s what people feel when they see this color. It conveys warmth, positivity and cheer. It’s great for marketing to all ages and particularly for restaurants because the color stimulates appetite. Buzzwords include energetic, joyful, and light hearted.

4. Red
This is a color full of power. Choosing the color is widely known to attract attention, stimulate the appetite, and evokes passion. It’s a dramatic choice that could make your brand stand out. Though, use with the discretion, it can be overpowering. Other words it evokes include love, dangerous and dynamic.

5. Black
In stark contrast to all of the other choices, black is a statement in its understatement. Everything we see written is usually in black. So why is it a strong brand choice? It evokes elegance and sophistication, while still being familiar. It evokes a timeless and bold appeal. This is most often used in fashion or luxury brands. Some other words it brings to mind are formal, classic and elegant.

So How Do You Pick?
Choosing how you brand and what colors to use is incredibly important. Seeing signs and banners of your business, with your chosen colors and logo, is what brings your customers face to face with you. At Morgan Printers Inc. we want to facilitate that every step of the way. If you have any questions about branding or what we signage we can create for you, contact us.