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4 Ways to Bring Storytelling To Your Brand|Signs New Bern NC

Every piece of marketing content you make, whether it’s business cards, signs, t-shirts, or brochures, for your New Bern, NC business is a part of your brand story. That’s how we think of it at Morgan Printers Inc. Each piece of marketing is telling your story and why your customers should buy it and become a part of it. Here are 4 ways you can use that storytelling approach even further to reach your clients.

1. Share Problems You Have Solved
Using marketing materials like flyers and booklets, you can release case studies or just tell little blurbs about what you’ve done as a business. You have made it this far and you have done amazing things. With client permission of course, take that chance to tell current and future customers what you’ve done. Give them success stories that they can hold on to. Give them something to point to say, “Well if they fixed this, well maybe they can help me”. That’s how using a story gets results.

2. Explain Your Inspiration
Why did you get into this business in the first place? Share it! People want to know what lights your fire and why you’re doing this. They want to know the reason for it and why you love doing this and you want to bring this service. Showing that inspiration paints a picture of someone who really cares and ultimately someone who will take the care to solve their problem effectively.

3. Show What Makes You Different
What really separates you in the crowd of all of your competitors? Use your signage and all of your marketing materials that is is why you’re different. Convey it in the design and list it out in the copy. Say, “I am better and this is why”. They’ll see the difference and want to come to you.

4. Celebrate Your Customers
It takes a lot less energy to retain customers than it does to find new ones. Cherish the ones you have and reward them in your branding. Send out postcards and give shout outs to people for continuing to work with you. Ask for their reviews and print them for everyone to see, of course with permission. Show that you have a great customer base and in that appreciation, attract even more.

What Else Can You Do?
Those are just a couple steps you can take to add even more storytelling to your brand. As always, there is always more you can do.
At Morgan Printers Inc. we would be happy to assist you in creating the materials to tell that story and give advice on how to do it. To see what we can do, contact us and check out our services.