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3 Tips for Viral Content|Signs New Bern NC

Beyond print media and using content like signs around New Bern, NC, it’s important to be creating extremely shareable content. Of course, the dream is to create viral content that’s shared by millions. But how do you do it? As it turns out, there’s some data. Here are 3 tips trends in viral posts to help you write great copy for your business.

1. Use Numbers
According to a study by Conductor, headlines with numbers in them are 36% more likely to get clicks. That means whether thinking about copy for the signs you put up in New Bern, NC or are thinking about content to put on your blog, you need to think numerically. That means getting statistics and creating listicles. The numbers will drive customers to you.

2. Colorful Images
Xerox found that colorful images and visuals made consumers 80% more likely to read a product guide. That means that in all the marketing materials you create, think about color. Find colorful and engaging visuals for everything you create. It can only help your campaign.

3. Leverage Emotions
A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that content with emotions like “awe”, “surprise”, or “anger”, was 28.6 more likely to go viral. Incorporate that into your marketing materials to inspire those emotions.

What Else Can You Do?
Whether you needs signs for your New Bern, NC based business or help with your social media strategy, seek the help of Morgan Printers Inc. We create an environment of integrity that encourages everyone, from suppliers to customers, to cooperate in creating compelling marketing. Beyond signage, we can help you make brochures,banners,and direct mailing. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to make your 2017 content go viral.