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Branding From A to Z|Signs New Bern NC

Because we create signs and other marketing materials for businesses in New Bern, NC, we know a lot about branding. Do you know the basics of branding your business? Whether you’re a novice or expert, here are the ABC’s of branding.
Authenticity- Show you and your business for what you really are. Customer’s respond to real portrayals of what you do and how you company works. A great way to do this is showing your employees at work or a blog talking about different projects you take on.
Blogging- Consistently writing blogs about your niche and the kind of work you do is an easy way to provide information to your customers that will make them want to contact you later.
Design- Having great design of your signs, pamphlets, and even your website will make sure you catch your customer's eye.
Email- Using email newsletters is a great way to reach your customer base to promote content and provide sales and promotions.
Followers- Social media is also a great tool to providing a brand for your business. Promote blog posts and provide a point of contact on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage your followers.
Google- Make sure to register your address and other contact information with Google. That way when customers search on their mobile phones for close-by businesses, yours will come up.
Information- Providing information to your customers through content will not only make it more likely that you come up in search results, but will also make you a trusted business for them later on.
Keywords- Find some great keywords for your business and use them in blog posts, titles, and meta-descriptions to make it easier for potential customers to find you.
LinkedIn- It’s not just for posting your job history. You can connect with other businesses and post blog posts on their Pulse platform to drive traffic.
Questions- Ask your audience to engage in the conversation. Whether that’s by asking questions on social media, through an email newsletter, or having a presence at a public event- giving an opportunity for input helps engage your audience.
Recognition- It’s great to recognize your most loyal customers. You can do this by sending thank you notes and even by posting customer referrals on your website. It’s a great way to show your audience you care.
Target- Understand your target market. Are you looking for people in a particular area? People with particular interests? In all of your advertising, whatever the medium, make sure you are targeting that demographic.
Video- Beyond blogs and other written materials, having video is a great mode of content to engage your audience. Whether it’s posting a video of making your product on social media or an informational commercial- it’s very sharable. Those shares can get you more customers later.
Website- While signs, brochures, and the right social media all work well to market your business, it’s so important to have a digital presence through your website. There you can have content, you contact information, and provide the tools to do business with you.
eXamine- Measure what’s working and what isn’t. What campaigns are getting results and which aren’t? Look at what you’re doing and your competitors to continue to grow your strategy.
Zeal- Finally, being passionate about the brand is the most important thing. Do you love the message that you’re putting out? If not, evaluate and brainstorm how your brand can really portray your company.

Those are just some of our branding ABC’s that we see customers use every single day. Of course, these are just a jumping off point. If you’re interested in getting the branding materials you need, like signs for you New Bern, NC business, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Morgan Printers Inc. Our mission is to expand in the printing industry and exceed our customer's needs by continually improving our products and services. It is our goal to lead the industry in quality, innovation, and value. This will be accomplished by creating an environment of integrity that encourages everyone, from suppliers to customers, to cooperate in achieving that goal. If you want to get started, contact us today.