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Simple Questions To Ask When Designing a Sign | Signs New Bern NC

Making signs for businesses all over New Bern, NC, we’re committed to making sure that your business, personal event, or gathering event reads loud and clear on our custom signs. When you design a sign, it can become very overwhelming making sure that you have incorporated every element you need. We want to let you know that you can take it easy, because we have your back. We’ve come up with questions that you must ask yourself when you are making your sign.
The Essential Elements
It’s very important to make sure that you are putting all the information on your sign so that people understand exactly what your New Bern, NC business is about. When you’re making sure you hit all the elements, a good way to make sure you have are actually straight from your English Class. These are the 6 questions you asked yourself in grade school:
-Who: Who are you advertising to?
-What: What are you selling or need?
-When: When is the event? When is the sale?
-Where: Where are you located? Are you opening a new location? Are you having a company event somewhere new? Where is the sign going to go?
-Why: Why should your audience care? Why is your product or service superior to another competitor?
-How: “How” is the most important question to ask because it puts you in the mindset of the consumer. It makes you evaluate your signage from an outside perspective-- how is this going to target my audience? How is this going to get my business the attention it deserves? How is this sign different than my competitors?

Once you have asked yourself all of these questions, you should be good to go to send the sign to print.
Need More Help?
If you’re ready to get started making signs for your New Bern, NC, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Morgan Printers. If you have a vision, we make it come to life with our highly efficient digital printing technology whether you need help with your artwork, or printing your book. Whatever your print needs are, know that you can trust our professional and courteous team to handle your work with care. From the moment you share your design with us, to the moment you are looking at the final copy, our experienced team with ensure you are pleased with the final product.