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Quick Guide: Choosing the Right Typeface|Signs Greenville NC

Beyond picking the right images for your signs in Greenville, NC, you need to pick the perfect font. Do you know Helvetica from Courier New? Whether you’re looking to find the right font for your business or for personal use, get the help from this guide to help you pick the right typeface.
The Difference Between Font and Typeface
The term ‘font’ is widely used all over the internet but it’s actually very often misused. A font is the specific weight and style of the overall typeface. What this means is Garmond, Wingdings, Courier, and Helvetica are all typefaces, but the font is the description of the weight and style of any of these typefaces. For example, Garamond is a typeface and ITC Garamond is the font, which makes it in italics or at a certain weight.
Choosing Serif Vs. Sans-Serif
When choosing fonts, a sign specialist in Greenville, NC may ask whether you want one that’s serif or sans-serif. A serif font has small, decorative lines that tail the letters called a serif. These are designed to be easier to read in print. Sans-serif fonts don’t have that tail, making a bold, type that displays a lot better on the web. These fonts also resize better without distortion.
Picking Fonts for Print
For ages, sans-serif was the main choice of font for most print. Design trends have actually changed and we now see a mixture of styles. The top 3 picks for print are Futura, Helvetica, and Univers/Gotham, with Times New Roman as a popular body copy font. At Morgan Printers Inc., we help businesses every day make the design and font choices needed for their designs. With us, don’t feel the need to stick with a font that everyone else is using. We can help you find the right one for you.

Still Need Help?

Of course, this is just a quick guide to fonts. If you need help designing your signs in Greenville, NC, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Morgan Printers Inc. From logos, business cards and letterhead to brochures, catalogs, posters and specialty marketing materials, Morgan Printers offers expert printing for projects of all sizes and complexity. We take personal pride in our work and rest the Morgan name on each and every printing job. Trust Morgan Printers Inc to help you make the signs you need from start to finish in New Bern, NC. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!