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Choosing Wide Format Printing for Your Business Needs I Greenville, NC

Printing has changed the way small businesses operate. Long gone are the days of hand-painted store signs and hand-penned advertisements. Small businesses today depend on print as an efficient and reliable means of external and internal advertising.

While desktop printing can be used effectively for a variety of businesses marketing materials (such as letterhead and brochures), small businesses are increasingly turning to wide format printing to produce marketing materials (such as banners and vehicle wraps) that are often difficult to produce in-house.

What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing is defined as printing that is larger than 18” and can be up to 120” wide. Instead of using sheets of paper, wide format printers often use rolls of paper and can also use other mediums (e.g., leather, vinyl, wood, glass or ceramics) ( Besides allowing for bigger print jobs and for a variety of print mediums, wide format printing produces higher-quality images than desktop printers ( Wide format printers also produce prints more efficiently than desktop printers.

Wide format printing can be used for many different marketing materials and to create a unique office environment. Wide format printing can be used to create banners, yard signs, construction plans for clients. Wide format printing can also be used to create large artwork, wallpaper and other artistic means to decorate your office building and storefront.

Why UV-Curable Wide Format Printing is Superior

At Morgan Printers, we use a Fuji Film UV-curable wide format printer to meet our customer's needs and expectations. UV-curable ink sets as it dries with the application of UV light. Compared to other ink types, it dries rapidly (almost as fast as it prints). This allows not only for high-speed production and turnaround to customers but also for a decrease in potential flaws and increases in resolution (due to a decreased threat of dust or other particles settling on the print).

In addition to high-quality, efficient production, UV-curable inkjet offers many advantages in comparison to other types of inkjet. Unlike aqueous ink (which is a popular low-cost option), sunlight does not make UV-curable inkjet fade. Because UV-curable ink uses sunlight as part of the setting process, printed products that are intended for outdoor use (like yard signage and vehicle wraps) do well with UV-curable ink. Additionally, UV-curable ink does not use petroleum like many solvent inks, which means that there are no unpleasant odors or fumes associated with UV-curable print products. Finally, UV-curable inkjet offers versatility that other inkjet often does not. UV-curable inkjet is waterproof, is useful for a variety of non-paper mediums (e.g., fabrics, wood, vinyl, etc.), and can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor printing projects.

Choose Morgan Printers for Your Wide Format Printing Needs

Are you looking to produce quality banners, outdoor signs and vehicle wraps for your small business? Look no further than Morgan Printers, Inc. for your wide-format printing needs. We can print on a variety of mediums (ranging from paper to fabric) to your exact specifications. Our work on wide format printers is award-winning: 7 out of 19 PICA Awards ( that we received in 2017 was for exceptional client work that we printed on our UV-curable wide format printer. Message us on our website (, call us (252.355.5588), or stop by our Winterville, NC location to see how we can help take care of your wide-format printing needs.