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Vehicle Graphics

Jacob-one of our talented designers-created our vehicle graphic!

Design it. Wrap it. Drive it.

You began with an idea, turned it into a business and now you want to promote what you offer. Vehicle Graphics are a great way to do just that. By choosing us to design your wrap, you bring an opportunity to reach out to the community simply by driving through town. After approving your graphic and washing your vehicle, bring it in and we will complete the process of customizing your car, truck, or van. Most people fear the wrap will harm the paint on their vehicle, however, not all cases prove that to be true. There is a bond which forms over time between the vehicle and the vinyl due to exposure to the sun and overall lifespan of the design. The lifespan will vary based on thickness; i.e. choosing a 2.5mil versus 3mil thickness. With our experienced designers, we can produce a memorable wrap for you and your business. Design it, Wrap it, Drive it!

Effectiveness of Vehicle Graphics

According to research studies:

• 98% of Americans have been in a vehicle in the past week.
• Americans spend 20 hrs per week in their car – 31% increase from 2003. (Source: Arbitron In-Car Study)
• 91% notice advertising on vehicles. (Source: American Trucking Association)
• 56% of people say they perceive the company to be successful when they see vehicle advertising. (Source: OAAA and Media Life “Delivering Brand by the Truck Loads”)

Helpful Tips: 

  • Avoid complicated designs that can present difficulties in installation and matching reprints when the vehicles are damaged due to an accident, etc.
  • Never use dark image colors on dark vehicle colors. Most marketing designs need vibrant colors with vivid contrasts.
  • Never power-wash the vehicle (especially with hot water).
  • Remove emblems on vehicles to prolong the life of graphics.
  • Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the installation.
  • "Most people try to cram as much verbiage into a working area to the outermost areas, and the effect is very poor. Less is more, and in this case, less space used is more effective on the reader," said Trace George, President & CEO of VSP Marketing Graphics Group.
  • "Many companies think if they include everything they do, produce, etc., they are educating potential customers. The opposite happens when companies place too much info on their fleet vehicles. If people have too much to look at, they scan onto the next display or whatever catches their eye," said George.


Questions about the process? Check out this helpful article below: