Do you need name badges for your Greenville, NC based business? At Morgan Printers Inc, we not only specialize in printed marketing materials but, in custom name badges to make sure your business runs smoothly. That being said, picking out and designing the right name tag can be daunting. With that in mind, here are 3 tips for making great name badges. 1. Choose a Readable Font One of the biggest mistakes that prevent custom name badges from being effective is the font size too small or unreadable. Nobody wants to squint just to find the help they need. Choosing a clear and large font will make a better-looking nametag with less confusion. 2. Include the Job Title A compelling name badge doesn’t just have the person’s first and last name, it should also give valuable information that helps your potential customers. This little piece of information helps make business run more smoothly. 3. Trust Experienced Designers Choosing graphics, fonts, and placement of all the details on a name badge in Greenville, NC can be very daunting. The best way to make it easy on you is to hire a professional to design your name badges. They will already have great ideas on how to create a quality product and should be able to come up with a custom creation that meets all your needs. If you need well-designed name badges, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Morgan Printers Inc. We make it come to life with our highly efficient digital printing technology whether you need help with your artwork, or printing your book. Whatever your print needs are, know that you can trust our professional and courteous team to handle your work with care. From the moment you share your design with us, to the moment you are looking at the final copy, our experienced team will ensure you are pleased with the final product.