1. You are a start up business
You don’t want anything to give to someone you meet in the grocery store. Also, you don’t want to be able to have multiple titles to be able to give to different prospects. For example, one card that says CEO for when meeting with banks or equipment companies. Or to have one that says sales for when on sales calls and you want to be able to blame the pricing on the CEO if the price is too high and you want to be able to get back with the prospect later. Also, business cards are great to leave in areas where there is a lot of traffic, like a mechanic, restaurant, or visitor center.

2.You want to be like everyone else
Business cards allow you to personalize and customize your branding. The different paper thicknesses, coatings, foils, shapes, and even others materials such as metal or waterproof paper cause you to stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Many people will change just enough of their card to make it stand out in a crowd. There are really no limits in how you can make your card different from everyone elses.

3.You like to have to spell out everything 

Business cards make it easy for a prospect to spell your name, email address, website, and even your social media accounts. Put a QR code on your card and they won’t have to even spell at all. Most modern phones have a reader built into the camera. They can simply take a picture of the QR code and have what they need.