If you are a start-up or you have been in business for decades you may be trying to decide if yard signs really work and if they provide a good Return on Investment (ROI). Outside yard signs provide an efficient way to get your name in front of many people without actually being in front of them. Think about the real estate agents you know.  How many of them don’t put signs in the front yard when they list a new property?  All the real estate agents we know put out yard signs.  This allows them to have their name and agency out in front of people passing by or even looking for the property after they found it online. In fact, there are other businesses like landscapers, builders or roofers that use yard signs.  At this time of year those running for political office have found yard signs a good investment for getting their message out as well.  Let’s start by answering some common questions about yard signs.

Are yard signs expensive?

Yard signs have a very low cost per impression. Whether you are a real estate agent, politician,  plumber, electrician, or an accountant, yard signs are seen by everyone passing by the sign.

Are yard signs a good investment?

Yard signs are reusable. Whether the sign is metal or corrugated plastic you can move the yard signs from location to location. If you are a plumber move the one sign from job site to job site, or leave the yard signs until you run out then start moving from the oldest job site to the newest job site in rotation.

Can I customize my yard signs with my logo and colors?

Yard signs enhance your branding efforts. Yard signs help get your colors, logos, and emblems in front of your current and prospective clients. Die cut signs are also another way that you can stand out from the rest.

How else can I use yard signs?

Yard signs allow for efficiencies in communicating, whether directing movements or promoting your next sale. Yard signs can take the place of using your personnel from having to stand on the corner or in front of your building.

So yes, yard signs do work for advertising!

It’s evident that yard signs work, provide a good ROI and can further your message and your brand. Contact us to learn more about how yard signs from Morgan Printers can benefit your business.